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A criminal taking hostages in Sydney’s café is mentally ill

The criminal, who has captured the Lindt cafe in downtown of Sydney, Australia, is already known to the authorities. As reported, the man had previously been associated with extremism and was mentally ill.

A criminal taking hostages in Sydney"s café is mentally ill

According to the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, 50-year-old Man Haron Monis is well known to the Australian authorities. The mentally unstable man was accused in several cases, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the foreign media.

As it became known, he was accused of sexual harassment, and two years ago Monis was found guilty in the case of threats to the families of the Australian soldiers who died in Afghanistan. Monis sent their relatives threatening letters since he protested against the fact that Australia has been involved in the war.

Monis was recently released from prison on bail. He was arrested on suspicion of complicity in the murder.

As reported, in one of the cafés in Sydney, the supporter of the Islamic state has been holding hostages for more than 16 hours. During the cafe assault three people were killed, including the offender. Among the victims there are 38-year-old woman and 34-year-old man. It is reported that several people were injured.

Monis demanded that he be given the opportunity to talk with the Prime Minister of Australia. Earlier, the terrorist said that the café was mined. Presumably, two bombs were set in the café, two more were beyond it. The police broke into the café after a shot rang this night. Also there was heard a sound like an explosion.