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Islamists took hostages in cafe in Australia

In Australia, the hostage release operation in the heart of Sydney is being delayed.

Islamists took hostages in cafe in Australia

Law enforcement officials in Australia continue to negotiate with the armed man who took hostages. It is reported by Catherine Byrne, New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner, Joinfo.ua reports.

Byrne noted that the situation was planned to be resolved by peaceful means, as in this case, it is important that none of the hostages was injured. However, Byrne refused to confirm the information in the media that the person who has taken the cafe visitors hostage demanded to give him the flag of the Islamic State group.

According to Byrne, she is not entitled to comment on the details of the special operation. For the same reason, she did not say whether two women and three men were able to leave the captured cafe. The confrontation between the police and the criminal, who is hiding behind the walls of the cafe, has been lasting for several hours.

Earlier media reported that at about 10 am local time the unknown took hostages in Lindt Cafe in the downtown of Sydney. Two hostages were holding a black flag with an inscription in Arabic. So far, the exact number of hostages is unknown.