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Mikhail Kasyanov: Kremlin lies and continues to annex Donbas

Former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov convinced that the Russian Federation violates Minsk agreements and continues to annex Donbas.

Mikhail Kasyanov: Kremlin lies and continues to annex Donbas

During the meeting of the Civil Discussion Club 'Russia' former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said that the delivery of Russian humanitarian convoys and cash to Donbas can only mean that, in fact, this region is already annexed by the Kremlin, joinfo.ua reports.

According to Kasyanov, the authorities of DPR and LPR can not fend for their residents, because they have no banking system and currency. And this can only mean that Russia is obliged to provide them with everything necessary including humanitarian aid and cash. That is, in fact, Russia demonstrates that it has annexed the territory. And if in spring Donbas uses the Russian ruble as a currency the whole world will not doubt that all the arguments of the Russian Federation are false. For Putin it will mean a new package of sanctions against Russia.

According to Kasyanov, the Ukrainian government is doing everything possible to solve many social problems the territory of Donbas occupied by the militants has faced. But neither DPR nor LPR is going to meet the requirements of the Minsk agreements and cease fire. Besides, the Russian Federation is not going to fulfill the obligations of social benefits for those who moved out of the occupied territory.

According to Kasyanov, if Putin orders to close the border, in a couple of months there will be nothing left from the "Novorossians".

"Compromise in Ukraine is off the table. How can the fact of violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine be accepted? In fact, Russia is still in the status of guarantor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. This commitment was made by Russia in front of the entire world community. Ukraine's nuclear disarmament agreement is still in force, and Russia is responsible for the security of Ukraine. And the issue of territorial integrity of Ukraine is a part of the security issues. What is happening today is unacceptable," said Kasyanov.

Kasyanov called the full list of arguments used by the Kremlin to justify their aggression and invasion into Ukraine ridiculous and hypocritical. After all, the Kremlin regularly "corrects" these arguments.