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Moldova chooses between Russia and EU

The country voted for a new parliament. Moscow threatens to destabilize the situation.

Moldova chooses between Russia and EU

On Sunday, Moldova elected the parliament.

The parties of the ruling pro-European coalition: the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Moldova and the Liberal Reformist Party have the greatest chances of victory. "Yesterday"s elections are remarkable for the future of the country," Adam Burakovsky from the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences believes. "For some time the Republic of Moldova has been taking a strong course to the European integration. Chisinau is actively involved in the Eastern Partnership, it is trying to show its presence in Europe."

The poll results show that the majority of voters supports this course. Burakovsky notes that the recent events in Ukraine have strengthened pro-Western sympathies of Moldovans. Among the east-focusing parties, there are Communists and Socialists. A few days ago, the pro-Russian Patria party was banned from competing due to nontransparent financing scheme and management's contact with Russian intelligence.

Kamil Calus from the Center of Eastern Studies believes that this decision may lead to protests among the pro-Russian population in Moldova and Russia can destabilize the country by supporting local separatists. "Patria exception may lead to non-recognition of the elections by Russia, and it is dangerous. The activists may break out in revolt again in Gagauzia, in the south region of Moldova, they can declare that the parliament in Chisinau was elected in an inappropriate manner, thus they can separate from the capital. The same can be said in Transnistria."

This year, Moldova signed the Association Agreement with the EU; the European Parliament has already ratified it. Since May, the republic has visa-free regime with the EU.