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Throne breaks down: experts analyze Putin’s speech

The Director of the Polish-Ukrainian PAUCI Foundation Jan Pieklo believes that today"s speech by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation shows his despair before the approaching threat of losing his "imperial" power.

Throne breaks down: experts analyze Putin"s speech

The expert notes that Putin continues to defend his point of view, accusing the U.S. and EU of the recent events in Ukraine and the attempt to collapse the Russian Federation, already knowing that he loses and he is hardly trusted.

"This is a speech of the men who has no choice. He has gone too far, acted with aggression towards European countries, caused the sanctions destroying Russia's economy, led to the fact that there are no more hated people in the world than the Russians," Pieklo said.

He said, "This is not a speech of Adolf Hitler before the aggression against Poland, it is a speech of a dictator who can not convince anyone he is right."

Pieklo believes that in the near future Russia will face a coup d'etat, and Putin will be brought down. Moreover, he will be brought down by the oligarchs who will realize their business goes down because of Western sanctions against Russia.

"The empire starts gradually collapsing and in the near future we may witness Putin's removal from power," the expert said.

He also does not rule out that in the near future the majority of Russians will show total hatred in relation to their president because of the deterioration of living conditions. According to Pieklo, it will be triggered both by the Russian ruble fall and food prices increase.

"It is a speech of the emperor, whose throne is about to fall," he concluded.

However, the chaotic and illogical speech of the Russian guarantor was named as "the message from above" by one of the Russian TV channels.