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Montenegro prefers banana to Russian boot

Russia has a new cause for indignation: on the streets of Montenegro, there appeared posters that openly demonstrate people"s attitude toward Russia

Montenegro prefers banana to Russian boot

The billboards, signed "Montenegrin Patriots" are aimed to demonstrate the attitude of the inhabitants of the former Yugoslav republic toward Russia and Russians.

One of the billboards quotes writer and politician Milovan Djilas as saying, "Russians have never been friends to the Montenegrins; we've always been bargaining chip to them."

Another billboard is a response to the offending comment by Russia's ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Cepurin. According to him, Montenegro wishing to join NATO is like a monkey "in the hope of getting a banana." Now Montenegrins claim that "better a banana in the hand than a Russian boot in the neck".

Montenegro's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received a protest note from the Russian authorities, shortly after the billboards were recorded on the streets. The Ministry says it does not know who was the initiator of the billboards. The first version of the billboards had NATO logo, but then it disappeared.

However, the representatives of the Foreign Ministry were quick to say that "banana" billboards do not express the country's policy.

Earlier, it was reported that Montenegro has introduced sanctions against Russia.