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Poland: political consultations after local elections

The head of Poland wants to establish the cause of problems with the vote count, which lasted 6 days.

Poland: political consultations after local elections

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski holds political consultations after failures in announcing the results of the local elections. The first round of the local elections were held in Poland on November 16. Due to the problems with computer system, vote count lingered on for six days, until November 22. The second round of elections was scheduled for November 30.

The elections will take place in towns and villages, where during the first round there were not elected vogts, burgomasters and presidents. The State Election Commission announced they would use the computer system, and in case of problem recurrence, they would switch to manual counting.

On Thursday, within political consultations, the head of the state hosted Janusz Palikot, the leader of Your Movement. The politician offered the changes concerning voting procedure, abolition of electoral silence and a ban to publish poll results a month before the elections.

Also there was a meeting with the leader of the Democratic Left Alliance Leszek Miller. The leader of the Law and Justice party Jaroslaw Kaczynski expressed the opinion that the elections should be repeated, despite the results.

In addition, he proposed to reduce the term of the newly elected self-governments and hold new elections. The Constitutionalists are against such a decision. The Law and Justice party also defends the idea of extending the submission date of election protests.