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EU-Ukraine: new sanctions against Russia and separatists

Now the black list includes 132 names and 28 companies.

EU-Ukraine: new sanctions against Russia and separatists

It is known who the new EU sanctions for destabilizing the situation in the east of Ukraine will affect. The names of separatists and organizations that undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine were published on Saturday in the Official Journal of the EU.

This time, the black list of the EU was expanded with 13 people and 5 companies. Among them there are separatists banned from entering the EU with their financial assets in Europe blocked, candidates for the elections of self-proclaimed republics in the eastern Ukraine and the organizers of the riots. The elections, which took place on November 2 in some parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, are not recognized by the European Union.

Now the black list of the EU includes 132 names and 28 companies and organizations.

Due to the situation in Ukraine, there were introduced additional economic restrictions against Russia. They fall into four areas: capital markets, defense, technology, and dual-use equipment.

Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Aleksey Meshkov called on the European Union to lift sanctions against his country. He also promised that Moscow would withdraw its counter-sanctions.

The official urges to stop the meaningless sanctions spiral. In his opinion, the first step is to be made by Brussels by lifting restrictions against Russia.

Embargo on trade with Russia was introduced due to the situation in Ukraine and the Russian annexation of Crimea. In answer to this, the Russian government announced a ban on import of certain goods from the European Union.

Economic war between the West and Russia led to significant decline in the ruble.