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Hungarian Prime Minister disappointed in Putin

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, previously supporting pro-Russian policy and Putin, turns his back on the Kremlin, the foreign press writes.

Hungarian Prime Minister disappointed in Putin

It is reported by joinfo.ua with reference to Bloomberg. According to the magazine, the head of the Hungarian government, who received $ 14 billion loan from the Kremlin, was supporting Russia's policy for the last six months and was demanding to abolish Western sanctions against the aggressor.

Now Orban suddenly has changed his political orientation, voicing support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In addition, the Hungarian prime minister says that Germany is his compass in the issue of foreign policy. He admitted it while visiting NATO troops in Lithuania.

According to the publication, the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, who heads the European front against Russian aggression, played a huge role in this transformation.

Germany is the main investor in the economy of Hungary. More than 25% of all direct investments into the Hungarian business comes from Germany. Also Orban visited Germany twice during this month which is another confirmation of the fact that Merkel could make Orban reconsider his position.

"We've always been a country that went back and forth between East and West. The problem is, we always cozy up to the West when he should make friends in the East and the other way around," Gyorgy Jaksity, the head of Hungary's largest brokerage Concorde Ertekpapir Zrt, said commenting on Orban's policy.

Earlier it was reported that next year Hungary plans to begin construction of its segment of the South Stream gas pipeline, despite the objections of the European Union and the United States.