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Russia: McDonald’s cashier cuts client’s finger

A woman is suing McDonald"s cashier for cutting off her finger during the order. It is reported by Russian media with reference to the victim.

Russia: McDonald"s cashier cut client"s finger

A woman from Moscow is suing McDonald's cashier for causing physical and moral damage. The Tver Court of the Russian capital is considering a lawsuit of Olga Gavrilova against McDonald's-Moscow for the recovery of 4.5 million rubles. It is reported by Russian media, joinfo.ua reports.

The victim reported the incident occurred in February 2012. The women was buying a coffee at McDonald's on the Big Ordynka. After the cashier handed a cup to the client, the woman did not have time to take away her hand, but the window was closed. As a result, the sharp edge of the leaf cut off the client's phalange.

The woman said that after the incident, she immediately called the administrator, but they provided her with no help. According to her, the staff "put the phalange into a glass with ice."

Olga says that the emergency arrived at the scene after a half hour. The woman said that at that moment the staff was just looking at her with interest or laughing.

Olga Gavrilova said that she did not manage to rescue her finger. Because of this, the woman had to have plastic surgery and undergo rehabilitation.

The restaurant management denies its guilt for what happened. According to them, the manufacturer of windows are responsible for the incident.

According to the restaurant manager, the staff is not guilty, especially since there are records of the cameras, where everything can be seen. Throughout the time, the management of the restaurant was not requested to provide the video. According to the manager, the administration has done everything it could.