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Islamic state makes alliance with Al-Qaeda

Terrorist organizations will confront their enemies in Syria together.

Islamic state makes alliance with Al-Qaeda

The terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IS) and Al-Qaeda have concluded an alliance against their opponents in Syria. It was reported by the Associated Press with reference to a source in the Syrian opposition.

According to the agency, a secret meeting of the representatives of two terrorist organizations, attended by the militants from Afghanistan and Pakistan, took place on the night of November 2 in the Syrian city of Atarib west of Aleppo. According to the source, during the meeting the groups agreed to stop the mutual confrontation and joint actions against the common enemies, in particular, against the Syrian Revolutionary Front supported by the US.

The field opposition commander Abu Mussafer confirmed the information about the meeting. According to him, the IS and the Al-Qaeda also agreed to co-operate against Kurdish militants in northern Syria, where there are no hostilities.

The "Islamic state" has gained momentum during operations in Syria, where the IS fought against government forces and gained the "fame" of the most brutal one. This summer the group sharply stepped up its activities in Iraq. Taking advantage of Iraqi Sunnis" discontent of Baghdad politics, the IS launched a massive attack on the northern and northwestern provinces of Iraq and occupied a vast territory where it announced the creation of the so-called Islamic caliphate. August 8, 2014 the United States conducted an operation on delivering strikes on the IS militants in Iraq, and since September they have been striking the IS targets in Syria.