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Poland strengthens its security in the eastern territories

According to Azerbaijani Minister of National Defence of Poland, soon the center of gravity will be shifted to the east of the country. There the military presence will increase and technical equipment will be modernized.

Poland strengthens its security in the eastern territories

More military and new equipment – it is how the modernization of the Polish army will look like. As Polish Minister of Defence Tomasz Siemoniak says that in the military unit in the city of Suwalki, the strengthening of the eastern borders of Poland is the priority:

"We want to move the center of gravity to the east. There we will increase the military presence, technical equipment will be modernized, and infrastructure will be repaired. We have a plan of modernization of the Polish army. Of course, twenty Wolverine tanks will not come here in a week, but in the future it will happen".

Tomasz Siemoniak called the situation in the east of Ukraine "alarming". "I acknowledge and NATO loudly declares that we see an increase of Russia's presence in the east of Ukraine again," said Polish Minister in a conversation with the TVN24channel. "This may mean that the conflict will return to the acute phase, and Minsk agreements would be disrupted," said Tomasz Siemoniak.

It is to be recalled that NATO confirmed the recent alarming reports that in the last days in Ukraine there was recorded the movement of columns of military equipment with weapons and militants. According to the NATO Commander in Europe Philippe Bridlava, some of them carry heavy artillery, others – missile systems. Experts warn that soon an escalation of the conflict may happen.