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European Commission raises support to Ukraine

The next aid tranche for Ukraine will refer to improvements in the macro finance and humanitarian spheres.

European Commission raises support to Ukraine

The European Commission has sent Ukraine 260 million euro of macro financial assistance. Earlier Brussels unlocked 600 million euros for Kyiv. These actions are aimed at economic and financial recovery of Ukraine. Its payout depend on the fulfillment of certain conditions relating to the efficient use of the state budget, the fight against corruption and the reform of the energy sector.

European Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Finance, Pierre Moscovici says the money should help Ukraine to solve urgent financial needs, and at the same time, it should help to stabilize the economy and create the conditions for sustainable economic growth. Also the European Commission has prepared for Kyiv 750 million euro for current macro financial programs. Brussels has increased the humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

More than 3 million euros were sent to the territory, most affected by the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine to prepare people for the upcoming winter. 4500000 euros were sent to help internally displaced people and the communities that host them.