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President Putin won the hearts of Chinese women

"The case with the shawl," in other words, the courtship of President Putin for the first lady of China Peng Liyuan, continues to haunt the minds of the residents, especially female residents of China.

President Putin won the hearts of Chinese women

Despite the fact that the Chinese censorship is trying to avoid mentioning the incident that occurred at the APEC Summit in Beijing, it is being actively discussed in the main Chinese social network Weibo, reports joinfo.ua.

In particular, Chinese women were not angered by the behavior of the Russian leader, in contrast to the strong half of mankind. Putin was called the "perfect potential husband". There were also published several thematic hashtags, including "Caring Putin" and "Putin is a gentleman".

Users of the social network decided that his act, that is touching the wife of another man, which is unacceptable in the world of diplomacy, makes Putin look as "self-confident" and "able to ignore other people"s opinions". Also the master of the Kremlin got the title of "Man of Steel" from his Chinese fans.

At the same time, the Chinese took this tactlessness shown by Putin not so favorably. In the social networks, the Chinese men resent this flagrant violation of the basic rules of etiquette and diplomacy the Russian allowed himself.

Earlier, it was reported that China and the US agree on military cooperation.