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Russian warships seen off the coast of Australia

Australian Department of Defence has recorded Russian warships on their way through international waters north of Australia.

Russian warships seen off the coast of Australia

It was reported by The Daily Telegraph with reference to the local Channel 7.

The Russian ships off the coast of Australia are associated with the G20 Summit, which will be held November 15-16 in Brisbane. The experts of the Naval Institute of the US regards the appearance of the warships as a defiant show of force ahead of G20.

According to the newspaper, four ships of the Russian Federation appeared off the coast of Australia. The ships are in the Coral Sea, south of Bougainville at the eastern coast of Australia. However, the Australian Ministry of Defence has not confirmed the information about the number of ships.

November 11, The Daily Telegraph wrote that during the APEC Summit the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott offered President Vladimir Putin to apologize for Boeing 777 crash in Donbas.

The G20 Summit will be held on November 15-16. It was reported that the EU leadership had no plans for bilateral meetings at the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is expected that the G20 Summit in Australia will discuss the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Before the summit, Britain announced tightening sanctions against Russia. Earlier in October, the Australian prime minister had vowed to "shirt-front" Putin at the G20 Summit.