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Eight women died after sterilization in India

Over the past two years in India, there were sterilized more than 4 million people.

Eight women died after sterilization in India

In the state of Chhattisgarh in central India, eight women died after surgery for sterilization, reports Reuters with reference to the government officials.

According to Reuters, 10 more women are in critical condition. AFP news agency, meanwhile, reports about 24 patients in serious condition.

The cause of death of eight women remains unknown, but according to the local chief physician R. K. Bhange, they felt nausea before the death. Currently, the state government is carrying out the investigation. Doctors, however, declare they are not implicated in what happened.

On Saturday, November 8, 83 women voluntarily underwent the procedure of sterilization. As reported by The Times of India, in a few hours, many women began to complain of abdominal pain.

All the patients were sterilized by the same physician and his assistant. According to witnesses, a medical procedure lasted no more than five minutes. So far, no evidence of negligence of the doctor and his assistant is found.

The operations were performed in a medical center within the state program for the control of fertility. For the sterilization, women in India are paid 1.4 thousand rupees ($ 23). If the patient"s husband agrees to be operated on too, the couple may get a home appliance or a car from the state government. Health workers also receive 200 rupees ($ 3.25) for convincing a woman to undergo the corresponding procedure.

According to BBC News, now there are 1.22 billion people living in India. By 2030, India could overtake China as the most populous country.

Deaths due to sterilization is not a new problem for India, 2013-2014 there were sterilized more than four million people. According to data provided by the Ministry of Health of India, in 2009-2012 the government paid the indemnity for 568 deaths as a result of sterilization.