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The White House announced meeting of Putin and Obama

On Tuesday, November 11, President Vladimir Putin may meet with his US counterpart Barack Obama during the APEC Summit in Beijing.

The White House announced meeting of Putin and Obama

It was informed by the AFP agency referring to the representative of the White House.

Washington also confirmed that shortly before photographing Obama and Putin had time to talk for a few minutes. "They only had a brief encounter where they did not have time to cover issues. We will let you know if they interact/cover issues tomorrow," the senior official said.

Meanwhile, the president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov denied Putin and Obama's talks. According to him, the presidents only greet each other. Peskov also confirmed the possibility of talks between Putin and Obama during the ongoing summit, as well as the G20 meeting in Brisbane. "It could happen here, or in Australia, and maybe here and in Australia," said the press secretary of the president.

The fact that Obama and Putin talked briefly at the APEC Summit earlier on Monday was announced by the Kommersant issue. The American leader waved his hand, seeing the Russian president, after that the heads of the states exchanged greetings and talked a bit.

Earlier the Kremlin and the White House were talking about a possible meeting of two presidents. The representative of the US President for National Security, Susan Rice said that Obama and Putin could talk on the sidelines of the forum. According to her, the official meeting between the heads of the states are not scheduled. Dmitry Peskov also did not rule out the possibility of communication of Putin and Obama.