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Putin effigies in Britain on Guy Fawkes Night

In London, the anti-government action wanted to assault the parliament building.

Putin effigies in Britain on Guy Fawkes Night

In Britain, as a part of Guy Fawkes Night, the nationwide November 5 celebration that marks the failed plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, there was paraded a huge effigy of Russian President Vladimir Putin with a gun in his hand. The effigy breaks the Malaysian Boeing 777 shot down by the pro-Russian militants in Donbas in July 2014, in half with its leg.

In addition, through Lewes there was paraded another effigy, very similar to Putin riding a "tank" in Borat-style bright green mankini. In such a way, the British "revenged" the Russian president for his aggression against Ukraine.

In addition, in Edenbridge, the people unveiled a 10-metre effigy of Barroso, the Portuguese politician, who was criticized for controversial EU budget draft.

On Guy Fawkes Night, a mask which is a symbol of protest and struggle against the government, as well as the official symbol of the hackers from Anonymous, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of London to march under the anti-government campaign "Million Mask March" to the Parliament and Buckingham Palace. However, the action organized by Anonymous movement and directed against the current official government ended up with clashes with police. Police blocked the approach to the parliament building for protesters, and the latters started throwing bottles, traffic signs and street cones at the guards, knocking down metal fences, and breaking car windows. However, law enforcement officials quickly took control of the situation.

The participants of the action also attempted storming the BBC building, but could not get inside because of the actions of the police.

During the action, police arrested ten people suspected of committing a number of offenses, such as an assault on law enforcement officers. No injuries in clashes were reported.

This year Million Mask March was held in more than 400 cities around the world. The date was chosen not by chance: this day, in 1605 conspirators in London were going to blow up the Houses of Parliament.