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Belarus executes third person over the last year

Belarus remains the only European country with death penalty applied.

Belarus executed third person over the last year

In Belarus, on Tuesday, November 4, the resident of Gomel Aleksandr Grunov was sentenced to death for the murder of a student. It is reported by the Human Rights Center "Vesna" referring to the mother of the convict.

Earlier this month Grunov was denied clemency. October 13 his case was received by the Gomel Regional Court with a note that the procedural opportunity to appeal the death sentence is exhausted.

According to human rights, since the beginning of the year in Belarus there were executed three people sentenced to capital punishment.

The crime Grunov was convicted and executed for was committed in Gomel in 2012. The man attacked a 22-year-old student Natalia Emelyanchikova near her house and cruelly finished with her, having struck more than hundred blows with a knife. The murderer was arrested the next day. He said that got acquainted with Natalia "in one company" and she allegedly insulted him. Based on his testimony it was the reason for the murder.

The death sentence was handed down in June of 2013. Later the convict managed to challenge this decision. However, last December, the original sentence was confirmed by the Chamber for Criminal Cases of the Gomel Regional Court.

In 2014, in Belarus there were also executed the student Pavel Selyun convicted of killing his wife and her lover, and the prisoner Gregory Yuzepchuk who was serving his sentence for a double murder and killed his cellmate after a game of dominoes "on life."

Today Belarus is the only European country that still retains death penalty. EU representatives have repeatedly called on the Belarusian authorities to introduce a moratorium on the death penalty, but commenting on this topic the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko noted that in some cases the death penalty is necessary.