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Polish humanitarian convoy heads for Ukraine

The truck with humanitarian aid and fully equipped ambulance for the victims of the war in the eastern regions are heading for Ukraine from Poland.

Polish Humanitarian convoy heads for Ukraine

The truck filled with gifts, thanks to the generosity of Warsaw and companies from the region. Ukraine will receive warm clothing, winter shoes, blankets, food with a long shelf life and household chemicals.

Foundation does not specify the exact destination place of the column with humanitarian aid for security reasons.

"We will continue to express our support, because the upcoming winter will be very difficult for people who have left their homes because of the war and live in conditions unsuitable for winter," says Tomasz Czuwara from the Open Dialog Foundation.

"We will continue to raise funds, collect warm clothes, shoes, personal hygiene products and medications used for colds and transfer it to the refugees," he adds.

According to Czuwara, information about ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops is not confirmed, so the Foundation will continue to provide humanitarian and medical assistance to the Ukrainians.