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China actively discusses upcoming repartition of Russian territory

Latest China news: the country is discussing the possibility that in the course of a "new cold war" Russia may lose a part of its territories, including lands of the Far East and Siberia.

China actively discusses upcoming repartition of Russian territory

It is evidenced by the recent news of China. In particular, this opinion was published by one of the Chinese newspapers, the article discusses the possible secession of Russia. The statement of the former presidential adviser Andrey Illarionov became the reason for this discussion.

Thus, earlier, the former adviser said that the Russian Federation would lose the war with the West. As a result, it will have to return the territories previously assigned from its neighbors.

According to Illarionov, China will take 1.5 million square kilometers of the Far East and Siberia. The Russian Federation will give Japan Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, and some of the Kaliningrad region will belong to Germany. Russia also owes some regions to Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, and a large part of the north territories – Finland. These are the latest news of China.

At the same time, according to Natalia Zubarevich, the regional program director of the Independent Institute of Social Policy, Russia is unlikely to give up the Far East in the near future. Zubarevich believes that now the main problem is that the country is not able to develop, as the investments in the Russian economy have declined for the second year in a row.

Zubarevich says that Russia is not able to develop all of these areas on its own. From the point of view of infrastructure, the projects in these regions are very expensive.

Earlier, Andrei Illarionov said that the Baltic countries and Finland might become the following targets on the way of Putin