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France promises to support new parliamentary majority in Ukraine

France will fully support parliamentary majority in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the path of reforms and revitalization of the national dialogue.

France promises to support new parliamentary majority in Ukraine

It was stated by the representative of the French Foreign Ministry, Romain Nadal during a briefing in Paris.

"France will give full support to the parliamentary majority that will be created. It is important to revitalize the national dialogue and implement reforms, expected by the Ukrainians and Ukrainian partners," said Nadal.

According to him, the Ukrainian people made a choice in favor of multiparty system. "France welcomes the significant progress in the difficult conditions under which these early elections were held, and recalls its devotion to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," the diplomat added. In his opinion, after the presidential elections on May 25, the parliamentary elections are a new stage of political stabilization process in Ukraine. "France welcomes the results of voting for the presidential Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the party of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk (People"s Front – Ed.)," he said.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister of France, Laurent Fabius noted significant progress of overcoming the crisis in Ukraine. "Today, in late October, Ukraine has a legitimately elected president, the new composition of the Verkhovna Rada. Although the situation in Ukraine is extremely difficult from political and economic point of view, there is tension in the east of the country and problems with Russia, but from the point of view of democratic procedures everything is much better," said the Minister.

He added that France has never hidden the fact that it would like to see updated Ukraine, which would have very good relationship with the European Union and good relations with Russia.