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Sweden recognizes Russian boat story is a prank

Recently in the media there were huge amount of information about submarine off the coast of Sweden. It is hard to believe that it turned out to be a joke.

Sweden recognizes Russian boat story is a prank

Recently, the espionage submarine, found off the coast of Sweden has become one of the main topics in the international press. According to information, the crew of the submarine sent Russian-language SOS signals. Now, the press reported that the naval intelligence of Sweden recognized that such information is unreliable.

According to one of the most popular Swedish newspapers, referring to its sources, the intelligence service can catch all sorts of messages to Kaliningrad, but this time the information was incorrect. So what have the intelligence service been searching for so long?

It is to be recalled that on October 17 Sweden reported about submarine that crashed in the country's territorial waters. The media immediately spread information about espionage submarines of the Russian Federation, scattered around the world. But Russia rebutted this information.

All this has caused large-scale search operation that cost the Swedish naval forces a pretty penny.

Earlier it was reported that Sweden might seek the assistance of NATO. The country is not a member of the Alliance, but it has cooperate with the Organization in very important and dangerous operations worldwide.