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Putin calls Americans presumptuous “moneybags”

Russian President Vladimir Putin threw a very strong statement against American leaders and their policies.

Putin calls Americans presumptuous "moneybags"

The head of the Russian Federation compared America's actions on the political arena with the behavior of the nouveau riche.

"Nouveaux riches behave like that, when they win global leadership. And instead of disposing this wealth wisely, carefully, and of course, with benefit for them, I think they (USA) messed things up," said Putin.

President Putin also said the United States "are once again trying to part the world," that is why they form an image of the enemy.

"It does not matter who will take the place of USSR as the main opponent in the American propaganda – Iran, as a country seeking nuclear technology, China as the first economy in the world, or Russia – as a nuclear superpower," he said.

It was already noted that President Putin brought Germany "to a boiling point." The country has adopted a tough stance toward the Kremlin, and in spite of heavy losses in the economy, it is going to support the position of the whole Europe.