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Dutch government to define its position on Boeing

A significant part of the opposition political forces of the Netherlands believe that government should decide on the political position regarding Boeing-777 accident, without waiting for the official results of the investigation.

Dutch government to define its position on Boeing

They sent a corresponding request in the letter to the Cabinet of Ministers, reports UKRINFORM correspondent with reference to the Dutch De Telegraaf publication.

"In a letter to the government, D66, CDA, Green Left, Group Bontes / Van Klaveren and the Christian Union parties, say that they want clarity about the media reports that the government is allegedly acquainted with the satellite images, which can determine the cause of the disaster," writes the newspaper.

The publication also recalls that the Security Council of the Netherlands plays a major role in the crash investigation. The Dutch Security Council presented the previous report on the circumstances of the tragedy in September, and a final one should be published during the year.

As reported, the German weekly paper Der Spiegel published information that after analyzing the evidence, the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany concluded that the pro-Russian fighters caused the Malaysian aircraft Boeing-777 accident in the east of Ukraine. According to the German intelligence service, the terrorists shot down the plane with the help of the Buk missile system taken from one of the Ukrainian military bases.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated that terrorists shot down the plane from the installation of non-Ukrainian origin.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte has repeatedly said that the Netherlands would not make any conclusions about the crash until the investigation is completed.

It is to be recalled that Malaysian Boeing-777, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down by insurgents in the eastern Ukraine on July 17. 298 people were on board, 196 of them were the citizens of the Netherlands, all of them died.