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Gunman opens fire in Canada’s Parliament

An unknown opened fire in the Canadian Parliament. It was reported by foreign media. The gunman fired a gun at the Canadian guards of honor with about thirty shots.

Gunman opens fire in Canada"s Parliament

One of the soldiers is injured. The soldiers were standing at the National War Memorial. According to foreign media, this memorial is located near the parliament building. Thus, the unknown got into the building and as a result, the Prime Minister of Canada was evacuated from there. It is reported that the unknown person made about thirty shots.

At the moment there is no information about the fact whether the perpetrator acted alone. According to Canadian MPs Bob Trottier and Bob Zimmer, a criminal was killed during the shootout. According to one witness, he saw the body of the killed gunman in the central building of the Canadian Parliament.

Earlier the foreign media reported that in Canada, it was decided to increase the level of terrorist threat to the "medium". Warnings and threats come from the militants of the "Islamic State" and "Al Qaeda."

Thus, the Canadian intelligence services have data that on the territory of the state there are acting groups and militants, related to the above-mentioned terrorist organizations.