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Putin hopes Yanukovych will return to power in Ukraine

According to the former Russian presidential advisor, at the time, President Putin hopes for speedy Poroshenko"s oust from power and return of Viktor Yanukovych.

Putin hopes Yanukovych will return to power in Ukraine

This is the opinion of ex-adviser to the head of the Russian Federation Andrey Illarionov. He believes that the chances that an escaped ex-President Yanukovych and his entourage will be arreasted are not too big. Yet there is such a chance. However, it will be possible to implement it only if Ukraine wins its sovereignty. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that Yanukovych will take his former position back.

The adviser emphasizes that so far, President Putin has not implemented its plan in relation to Ukraine. It is aimed at destabilizing of situation in the country and probably in the beginning of winter, the plan will reach the next level.

The Russian president still believes that the Ukrainian leader Poroshenko will step down from power due to expected economic crisis in Ukraine. Then, in the conditions of political chaos, Putin could offer Yanukovych and it would be a decisive factor for the establishment of control over the part of the country or over Ukraine.

It is to be recalled that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported that the next Kremlin's plans include disruption of early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, bringing troops to the country, as well as a coup d'etat in Kyiv.

As previously noted by the adviser to the Defense Minister Oleksandr Danyluk, this is not a complete list of "events" the Kremlin prepares.