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EU countries use Ukraine as irritant in relations with Russia

Washington uses a complex situation in Ukraine in order to put Russia in its place. According to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Ukrainian crisis has become a tool in the hands of Americans for deterioration of relations between the EU and Russia.

EU countries use Ukraine as irritant in relations with Russia

The Russian Foreign Minister expressed such an opinion during a public lecture on international politics. He said that the recent sanctions, adopted by the European Union in relation to Russia after signing the cease-fire agreement, were imposed under the pressure of the United States. Thus, the minister said, Washington was trying to impose its leadership in all Euro-Atlantic space. The Russian Foreign Minister also noted that not all EU countries support this way.

Lavrov believes that the steps taken by Europeans, in the first place, hit the EU countries, since Russia is one of the leading trading partners of the EU. The Minister believes that the new sanctions are not an attempt to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, but the way to achieve the deterioration of relations between Russia and Europe and to show Russia its place. Lavrov also stresses that Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States, but only under certain conditions, including honesty, openness, mutual respect, equality and consideration for the interests of each party. The Foreign Minister also says that Russia intends to continue its cooperation with the countries of the East despite the strained relations with other countries, and the last sanctions will lead to this. However, according to Lavrov, Russia would like to build relationships with other countries in parallel, and not instead of lost ties with the West.

As for the Ukraine, Lavrov denies allegations by the Ukrainian government that soon all the checkpoints in the territory of the DPR and the LPR will be returned under the control of the Ukrainian side. The Minister said that it was not true, and Ukraine should continue negotiations with the rebels.