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Polish Prime Minister, “If Putin’s proposal to divide Ukraine is true – it’s a shame”

Polish Prime Minister Eva Kopacz sharply commented on Sikorski saying Putin offered to divide Ukraine.

Polish Prime Minister, "If Putin"s proposal to divide Ukraine is true - it"s a shame"

The head of the government sharply reacted to the publication of American service Politico, which refers to an interview with Radoslaw Sikorski. The former Foreign Minister said that Vladimir Putin "wanted us to become participants in this partition of Ukraine."

"If such a proposal was made by Putin then that's scandalous," said Eva Kopacz.

The Premier stressed that neither the former nor the present head of the Polish government "will participate in such a disgraceful activity like partitioning another country". The Prime Minister also acknowledged that she was shocked by this situation with Radoslaw Sikorski. If this information has its roots back in 2008, and after six years it suddenly comes out, it's mind-boggling, for me and not only me," said the Prime Minister.

Radoslaw Sikorski himself says his words were over-interpreted. He also said he did not give permission to post this information. At the same time, Ben Judah, a journalist from Politico service wrote on his page on Twitter, "As for his claim that his words are "over-interpreted," I am not sure what Mr. Sikorski means by that. But those were the words he used." He also noted that in the United States, texts are not subject to authorization. Ben Judah acknowledged, however, that he was "shocked" by the Polish reaction. "The shocking is not what Tusk and Sikorski said, and what Vladimir Putin said," said the publicist.

Earlier, the Polish side has indicated willingness to help Ukraine with economic recovery, as well as with implementation of necessary reforms. This question was raised in direct dialogue of President Poroshenko and Polish Prime Minister Eva Kopacz.