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EU does not want Russian bankruptcy because it is bad for everyone

Today in Luxembourg, the heads of EU foreign ministers are going to discuss another hot topic, in particular, the situation in Ukraine. They will review the results of last Milan meeting, estimate new developments in the conflict zone, and will possibly exchange their views on the sanctions imposed against Russia. New embargo will not be formally discussed.

EU does not want Russian bankruptcy because it is bad for everyone

In light of recent international meetings devoted to the Ukrainian-Russian crisis, including meetings in the Italian Milan, today at the end of the day the senior European diplomats will determine their future policy towards the crisis. According to diplomatic sources, at the negotiating table in Luxembourg the foreign ministers of the European Union will think of the ways to get the parties of the conflict to cease fire. An influential European diplomat, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the EU think about how to contribute to attempts to increase the number of OSCE observers and help them carry out their mission in Donbas.

However, the diplomatic circles do not exclude that the officials will discuss the sanctions imposed against Russia and embargo on European products the Russians have imposed in their turn. But the diplomats in Brussels say that the official conclusions regarding Russian sanctioning should not be expected.

The issue of sanctions are likely to be raised by individual ministers of EU member states. However, the next step in this issue is a summing up to be held in late October. It will be done at a special meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU in euroinstitutions, experts explain.

If situation worsens, new sanctions will be imposed

It is worth noting, the diplomats say that since the sanctions against Russia are adopted for one year, today the EU has no obligation to review them.

In this regard, the representative of the European Commission Jean Amila stresses that European sanctions against Russia are directly related to the situation in Ukraine and will function in accordance with what happens there.

"Sanctions remain in force, because the situation in Ukraine differs from the one we would like to see: the Russian troops, weapon supply, and borders are not controlled," she says. "The conclusions of the previous EU summits clearly indicate what should be done for sanctions call off. Currently, the situation is being examined: if it gets better there will be a possibility for their cancellation, if there is no changes, the sanctions will remain in force, if the situation worsens, there will be more sanctions."

Russia massively seizes lands – Lithuanian MEP

The Lithuanian member of the European Parliament Antanas Guoga indicates that his country was the first one among the supporters of sanction pressure on Russia. However, the Lithuanians are affected by the embargo, which Moscow has imposed against them, the most.

"Russia massively seizes lands, which is unacceptable for any country of the European Union," said the MP. "This is what triggered the crisis and sanctions. EU does not want Russia to bankrupt because it is bad for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary for them know that we are worried for the Russians, for their economy, and banks. However, Russia also should feel that we are unanimous in condemning its actions. This is the answer we wanted."

However, it was reported that diplomats in Luxembourg would also hold consultations on the forthcoming parliamentary elections, particularly in the east of Ukraine concerning protection of Ukrainian borders, humanitarian assistance and reconstruction of the regions affected by the hostilities. The discussion of gas negotiations is not excluded. Another trilateral talks between the EU, Ukraine, and Russia will be held on Tuesday.