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Islamic state’ plans to hold Football World Cup by Sharia law in Libya

Libya may hold the World Cup among the terrorists and jihadists. The intention to hold a tournament between the terrorists, fighting in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya was stated by the "Islamic state" group representatives

"Islamic state" plans to hold Football World Cup by Sharia law in Libya

In order to Allah's warriors be able to play football, the organizing committee, which includes former athletes, had to change the rules of the game in accordance with the Sharia. The changes made to the most popular game on the planet remain unknown. This summer the shocking footage of the fighters playing football with severed heads in Iraq hit the whole world.

"Islamic state" plans to hold Football World Cup by Sharia law in Libya

The city of Benghazi will be the venue for the championship. This is where the revolution in Libya began, which resulted in a civil war, which in fact split the country apart. At the moment, the militants of the Islamic groups "Ansar al-Sharia", "Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb" and the Muslim Brotherhood organization as part of an alliance called "Dawn of Libya", took control of a number of large settlements, including Benghazi and the capital Tripoli. The Government of the country were forced to evacuate to the city of Mosul.

In this case, the Islamists will not dominate if the Libyan army are able to regain control of Benghazi. Now the government forces conduct a military operation called "Dignity of Libya", aimed to recover Benghazi. Also in the social networks, there are appeals to young Libyan people to oppose the Islamists within the "Uprising on October 15", reports itar-tass.com with reference to Khalifa Haftar, the Chief of the Libyan National Army. Haftar promised that in the nearest future, the Islamists would be destroyed and the streets of Benghazi would live its normal life.

"Islamic state" plans to hold Football World Cup by Sharia law in Libya

The "Islamic state" group became more intense in Iraq and Syria, combining several radical Sunni groups fighting against President Bashar al-Assad. The group controls vast areas of Iraq and Syria, which has already caused a humanitarian catastrophe in these areas, as well as in neighboring Turkey, where more than a half million people fled to.

Currently, the militants conduct active attacks in Kobani near the Syrian-Turkish border. Despite the fierce resistance of the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, more than a half of the city is under the control of the "Islamic state". The missile strikes of the United States and its allies can not turn the tide. Turkey is ready to meet the enemy on its border, but it refuses to start ground operation.

In addition to the phenomenal cruelty, the "Islamic state" differs from its predecessors by its active promotion of violence through social networks and using the Internet to recruit new supporters. The ideas of radical Islam as the only way to enjoy the universal equality are especially popular among the young immigrants from the western countries. So, in the early October, a whole French family, consisting of 11 people, including women and children entered the ranks of the group.

The ideologists of the "Islamic state" see the construction of the Caliphate, a theocratic state governed in accordance with the Sharia law, as the main goal of the organization. Earlier, the group was called "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" and "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria", but then they reduced the title to two words and increased their territorial claims. Now, according to the supporters of the "Islamic state" Sharia should be established throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and, interestingly, in Spain and Hindustan.