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Canada joined fight against “Islamic state”

Canadian military will be involved in the fight against the Islamists for six months.

Canada joined the fight against "Islamic state"

The Canadian Parliament has approved the country"s participation in the military operation against the militants of the "Islamic State" (IS) terrorist group in Iraq.

It was reported by news agency.

157 deputies voted in support of this decision, 134 people voted against it.

In such a way, Ottawa responded to the request of the US authorities. As noted, the Canadian military will be involved in this mission, "no longer than six months", but they will not take part in ground operation.

About six F-18 fighter jets, two Aurora reconnaissance aircraft and one Airbus CC-150 Polaris tanker aircraft will be involved in air strikes at the positions of the Islamists in Iraq. In total about 600 soldiers will attend the military operation.

October 3, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the country would take part in military operations against the "Islamic state" in Iraq. However, this decision was to get the approval of the Parliament.

The United States, leading the international coalition against the Islamists, have been conducting bombardment of the Iraqi territory controlled by the IS since the mid-August and the first strikes at Syria were conducted on September 23. September 26, the Pentagon called for the transition to ground operation in Iraq and Syria.

Together with the United States, the bombardment is carried out by France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK. October 2, Turkey joined the fight against the IS, and October 3 – Australia.

According to recent reports, the IS militants retreated from the Kurdish city after the air raid of the coalition troops.