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Japan volcano death toll rises to 46 people

Japan volcano death toll likely to rise to around 46

Japan volcano death toll rises to 46 people

On Mount Ontake a recovery operation is resumed.

The number of victims of the Ontake volcano eruption in Japan reached 46 people, according to Reuters, with reference to the Japanese media.

However, according to Japan Today, the number of victims of the eruption rose to 48 people after a resumed rescue operation found the bodies of 12 people on Wednesday morning near Mount Ontake. However, officially it is confirmed the death of only 25 people. The others were recorded having "heart and lungs failures".

The police for Nagano Prefecture, which is where half of the mountain is located, said they could not confirm information about the victims.

During the last 24 hours and until Wednesday morning, rescue operations were suspended due to the risk of re-eruption, as well as due to accumulation of toxic gases in the air, which could lead to new victims.

Ontake eruption, the most powerful one in Japan over the past 90 years, began on September 27. It was accompanied by strong emission of toxic gases and hot ash. At the time of the eruption, there were more than 320 people on the slopes. About 60 of them managed to get down almost immediately. Some managed to take refuge in two climbing camps. 70 more victims needed medical help.

Ontake volcano is located 200 kilometers from Tokyo. The last time it erupted in 2007. Then there were no victims.