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UK threatened Putin with new sanctions

Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs threatens President Putin with new package of sanctions.

UK threatened Putin with new sanctions

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond spoke at the latest Conservative Party conference before the elections in 2015 with a strong statement on Russia, threatening with new measures in response to the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

According to Hammond, after years of "cold war, Britain offered Russia investment, trade and partnership", but Russia "chose confrontation".

"We should be proud that the UK has been a leader in the introduction of far-reaching sanctions that makes it clear that we will not tolerate illegal activities in Russia. And we will not let intimidate our NATO allies in Eastern Europe. Let me remind Mr. Putin (President of Russia – Ed.) Any threat to NATO members will meet the response of the entire NATO. That"s why we sent our fighters Typhoon in the Baltic Sea and will do it again if needed. Because NATO and the principle of collective self-defense has helped us in times of the Cold War and will remain a key principle of our defense policy in the future," said Hammond.

Earlier, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Group of Seven and the High Representative of the European Union threatened Russia with new sanctions. It is stated in their joint statement issued on Thursday, September 25 after a meeting in New York.