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Japan will expand sanctions against Russia

Japan will impose new package of sanctions against Russia.

Japan will expand sanctions against Russia

On Friday, September 19, the Government of Japan intends to impose additional sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Ukraine.

It was reported on August 18 by the Kyodo agency with reference to the sources in the diplomatic circles of Japan.

According to the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri, the new package of sanctions will include 19 items. In particular, there will be expanded the "black list" of people whose entry to Japan is banned and whose assets are to be frozen. The restrictions may also affect the energy and financial sectors. In addition, it is considered the possibility of rescheduling the visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Japan for autumn 2014.

Earlier, Japan has already imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation, the first package was adopted on March 18. Forcible annexation of Crimea by Russia was the reason for the restrictive measures. At that time, the Russian-Japanese consultations on visa facilitation were suspended and negotiations on a number of joint projects were delayed.

In early August, the Japanese government expanded the sanctions against Russia. In response, Moscow imposed a visa ban on a number of Japanese citizens.