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Yulia Tymoshenko gave Putin Crimea in exchange for freedom

According to political analysts, including Pavlo Nuss, it is not worth trusting Yulia Tymoshenko. Because all her advices are fraught with consequences.

Yulia Tymoshenko gave Putin Crimea in exchange for her freedom

Ukrainian political analysts agree on the idea that the former "political prisoner" Yulia Tymoshenko deliberately gave Crimea to Putin allowing Russian troops to occupy the peninsula without firing and resistance. In particular, political scientist Pavlo Nuss expressed this idea. 

According to Nuss, Tymoshenko controlled the "defense" of Crimea; as a result, Ukraine agreed the annexation without any political and military operations. Tymoshenko was present almost at all the meetings of the RNBO strategic planning, Tymoshenko controlled the security forces and the acting President and spokesperson Turchynov, who "appreciated" her patronage of the state, and broke the political contract with her, urging her not to run for president.

Therefore, Tymoshenko"s proposal to elect the retired general and her colleague Mykola Petruk as the Minister of Defence, should not be considered at all. Although the current Minister of Defence Heletey is not a hero, but he conducts the defense of Donbas better than Tymoshenko conducts the defense of Crimea.

Other political scientists are more radical in their thinking.

Experts say that the fact that Tymoshenko regularly visited Moscow and gave Crimea after her release is not an accident. Crimea is her freedom price.

It is known, in Russia there are opened many criminal cases against Tymoshenko on financial fraud, bribery and debts. And all these criminal cases are not closed. Therefore, according to the agreement, if Tymoshenko were released, Ukraine would have to give Yulia to the Russian Federation for prison stints, as we are talking about millions of dollars.

Therefore, after visiting Maidan released Tymoshenko went to Putin to negotiate her freedom. As a result, Ukraine has lost Crimea and received the "ATO zone". Because Putin"s appetites are by no means vegetarian.