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“Help Ukraine! Stop Putin! Stop Terrorism!” anti-war movement in Israel

September 18, hundreds of Ukrainian immigrants and citizens of Israel gathered to support Ukraine and call Putin to stop terrorism.

"Help Ukraine! Stop Putin! Stop Terrorism!" anti-war movement in Israel   

On the Tel Aviv esplanade, several hundreds of people gathered with the Ukrainian national symbols. September 18 around 7 p.m. the residents of Tel Aviv and other cities held Stop War In Ukraine movement to support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. The emigrant from Lutsk Maxim Fraerman wrote about it on his Facebook page.

He posted a video, which shows several hundreds of people lined up in a human chain along the esplanade in Tel Aviv.

The people were holding blue-yellow flags, ribbons and balloons in T-shirts with tridents. In addition, they held placards with slogans in English "Stop Terrorism", "Hamas is welcome in Moscow and the people of Ukraine support Israel" and others. In the video, you can hear some activists talking among themselves in Russian.

The movement in support of Ukraine took place on the Tel Aviv esplanade.

"I ask all my friends in Ukraine to repost this video. It is important for us that you feel we are with you. This is happening now in the middle of Tel Aviv esplanade. The action started half an hour ago, but people are still coming… I am proud of my homelands both biological and historical. Thank you!!! Glory to Ukraine", wrote the activist.

Earlier it was reported that in Prague, the Czech and Ukrainian activists organized Maidan in support of Ukraine.