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Latest ATO News: about 15 thousand Russian army men fight in Ukraine

Latest ATO News: according to the Head of the Union of the Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia Valentina Melnikova, about 15 thousand Russian soldiers are currently fighting in the eastern Ukraine

Russian army men in Ukraine

The Head of the Committee reported it on the Dozhd channel. According to her, it is hard to estimate the number of the Russian soldiers, since many of them do not have any military documents, and some have their contract canceled, or they are on indefinite leave.

In addition, Valentina Melnikova says that at the moment it is not known exactly how many Russian soldiers were killed on the territory of Ukraine during the time of the hostilities in the east of the country.

The Head of the Committee of Soldiers" Mothers of Russia also warned that six months later, when the families of the victims will realize that "they are adandoned", they will go to the Mother"s Right Foundation, to their neighbors, our committees, and will ask: "Help, our son died in the war, and we have nothing", assured Melnikova.

"That's when we know how many soldiers were killed", summed Melnikova. Earlier, it became known about the mass resort of the soldiers" mothers to human rights defenders throughout Russia.

Recently, it was reported that in the area of Krasna Talivka border crossing point, Luhansk region the Ukrainian soldiers found the Russian diversionary intelligence troop secretly crossing the border from the Russian Federation. The diversionists were covered by fire from the territory of the Russian Federation: there were used mortars, two armored vehicles, two IFVs, as reported by Andriy Lysenko.