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President Putin violated Constitution of Russian Federation and deserves impeachment – Nemtsov

Russian troop's invasion on the territory of Ukraine is flagrant violation of Constitution of the Russian Federation and is the basis for president's impeachment.

Putin violated Constitution of Russia

This opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov in his blog on "Echo of Moscow". He writes that the Russian military involvement in the war in Donbas without the approval of the Federation Council is against the Constitution of Russia.

As it is known, the Federation Council of June 25, 2014 canceled the right of Putin to send troops to Ukraine.

In addition, Nemtsov said that the recognition of Russia's participation in the hostilities completely destroys the Kremlin's concept that the war in Donetsk and Luhansk is the "civil war between Banderist Kyiv and the Russian-speaking east". According to the politician, the concept is false and it convinced the Russians in the fascist nature of Ukraine and the need to fight with it, but the Russian paratroopers sending completely destroys it.

"In this case, the idea of sending our men to fight in Ukraine is perceived negatively by the Russian society – only 5% of the respondents support the intervention," says the politician.

Nemtsov concludes that due to all the above mentioned, the lies about non-participation of Russia in the war will continue. And the truth about the fallen soldiers in the eastern Ukraine will never be told.

"Mothers, wives and children of the dead men are left alone with their grief, and furthermore, it is forbidden to tell about what happened. September 21 we plan to carry out the March for Peace. We do not want the Russian and Ukrainian cemeteries be dug by fresh graves of twenty-year-old guys," he concluded.

During a telephone conversation with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel demanded his explanation about the presence of the Russian military on the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Polish intelligence service, the conflict in the east of Ukraine involves the members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

It is to be recalled that in Minsk, during the meeting of the Heads of the Customs Union, President Putin said that Russia could not talk about the conditions of the hostilities cessation, as it is none of its business, but Ukraine itself. Therefore, Russia does not intend to discuss the possible agreements between Kyiv, Luhansk and Donetsk.