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NATO countries call situation in Ukraine lost war

NATO: Ukraine lost war with Russia

NATO countries call situation in Ukraine lost war

NATO countries said that the Russian troop's invasion on the territory of Ukraine is the first step to defeat. It was told by the Senior General of the Alliance during the interview with Der Spiegel.

A week ago, NATO said that Russia strengthens the terrorists" positions in Donbas. New arm supplies provide evidence of it. But, as it turned out, it was not the end, and Russia sent troops into the territory of Ukraine.

A Senior NATO General, whose name the German press does not name, said that Kyiv has already lost this confrontation in a military sense. According to him, the President of Ukraine Poroshenko had no other option but to reformat the struggle into defense.

The General also said that he showed Kyiv satellite images behind closed doors. They show that in fact there are much more Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine now than on the images previously published in the media.

According to him, at the moment there are 20 battalions with heavy armor on the border with Ukraine. Intelligence service suggests that the Russian forces will fight their way to Crimea, capturing more territory. It was indicated by all NATO countries. 2014 became the year of heavy losses, defeats, and victories for Ukraine.

In this case, the Ukrainian law enforcers may suffer great losses. Just before, the Donbas and Dnipro Battalions were encircled by the Russian troops. The Ukrainian army is very limited in movement in the conflict zone. NATO General also noted that the President of Ukraine dictates where his army can move, which means defeat.