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Tourist died because of too hairy chest

The flight attendant refused to rescue a man because of his hairy chest.

Tourist died

The fatality occurred on the plane. When the wife of a passenger saw her husband dying of a heart attack she asked the flight attendants for help, but the hairy chest prevented them.

Caroline Jordan flew with her husband Jack from Los Angeles to Albuquerque. During the flight, the man had a heart attack. The staff immediately began to give him first aid, but they could not use a defibrillator. The flight attendant told Caroline, "I can not use it because the chest of the dying men is too hairy."

During an interview with KOAT-TV, the medical expert said he was surprised by the reaction of the crew. He recalled that the life-saving appliances are equipped with a pair of scissors and a razor. It means that the chest hair should not be a problem.

In the case of Jack, reportedly, the hair was shaved, but it was too late to help him. The man died.

American Airlines will conduct an investigation in this case.