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President Putin does not want peace in Ukraine

The political analyst Taras Berezovets argues that Vladimir Putin will not agree to sign an armistice and stop the supply of arms and equipment to the militants in Donbas. However, despite this, the negotiations will continue in the near future and Poroshenko will not turn backward from the national idea and will get his way.

Putin does not want peace in Ukraine

Yesterday, August 26, in Minsk there was held an official meeting of two presidents – Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin. Long negotiations concerning military conflict in the east of Ukraine did not lead to any results. Putin refuses to sign an armistice between two countries and is not going to change his mind in the near future. These conclusions were reached by a well-known political scientist and analyst Taras Berezovets.

Now it is vital for Ukraine to find a common language with the Russian Federation and agree on armistice. However, Putin is not going to withdraw the Russian troops from the territory of Donbas. Moreover, every day they move farther.

It is reported that at the meeting Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin discussed the economic issues, as well as the results of Ukraine"s entry into a free-trade zone with the European Union. The political scientist Berezovets believes that the Russian leader was just trying to "do a snow-job" on the President of Ukraine and discussed the secondary issues, not as important as the ATO in Donbas.

However, the expert says that it is not the last meeting of the presidents in the near future. Negotiations will continue, and, most likely, it will happen on the neutral territory – in Kazakhstan. It is worth noting, that Nazarbaev took a neutral position in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The political scientist also claims that President Poroshenko will insist on an armistice, and sooner or later he will get his way. According to the expert, Poroshenko will not agree to go to any compromise and turn backward from national interests. It can affect his political career on the threshold of the parliamentary elections.

It is to be recalled, that after the meeting the Press Service of the President of Ukraine has informed the media that in the course of the conversation there was raised the question about the closure of the borders between Ukraine and Russia to stop the supply of arms and equipment to the terrorists from the part of the Russian Federation.

President Poroshenko said that currently bilateral ceasefire was being planned. A special OSCE mission will control this process.