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Mayor of Lviv calls to be ready to live in military conditions

Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi calls on the local authorities to prepare people for military environment.

Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi

It is reported by the UNIAN with reference to the press service of the Lviv City Council. The Mayor of Lviv says that the war is coming and everyone have to make every effort in order not to live in slavery. Therefore, everyone who currently lives in urban areas, remote from the site of the combat actions, cannot put all their hopes on a few thousand Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers.

According to Sadovyi, everyone should do something that leads to victory, not just demand from the authorities and the international community to commit certain actions. The Mayor of the city said that in the near future the military and the city authorities would carry out special courses aimed at military training.

In addition, it is planned to deliver training courses aimed at giving first aid for women and men. In this issue, of the city government is collaborating with the Red Cross, the Maltese service and Emergency Medical Center. The Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi also called on the regional governments and local authorities to be actively engaged in the process of population preparation for military environment.

Next week there will be announced the plan of actions for first aid training courses and military training courses in Lviv. Initially, these activities will be organized at the local large enterprises, and then at the structures of communal property. The locals will be able to enroll by filling out questionnaires on the Internet or over the phone. However, the training will be carried out in turns, as the situation may be difficult and it will be impossible to hold such activities simultaneously.