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Thomas Cotton: We are more concerned about Iran than Russia

U.S. Senator Thomas Cotton believes that Russia is a very serious contender, but it’s needed to be afraid of Iran, which has already demonstrated its hatred of America.

Russia is the only country in the world, which can “destroy the American way of life” thanks to its nuclear arsenal. However, the Russian side may not have these intentions at all, says U.S. Senator Thomas Cotton. But Iran do have such intentions, so we can not allow it to acquire a nuclear arsenal, similar to the Russian one, the Senator said in an interview with CBS News, Joinfo.ua reports.

“I think Russia is a serious threat. And the reason they’re such a serious threat is they still remain the one country with the capability of destroying the American way of life, because of the legacy nuclear weapons systems they have from the Soviet Union. With Iran, they clearly have intent. Just two days ago, their president was chanting death to America and burning the American flag with people in Tehran,” Thomas Cotton said.

U.S. Senator believes that now it is needed to do everything to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and sponsoring terrorist organizations that can attack the United States.

In addition, Cotton said that Iran was even more serious threat than Russia.