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New Bulgarian Parliament presented by eight parties and coalitions

According to preliminary results of the elections held on Sunday, the 43rd Bulgarian Parliament will be presented by eight parties and coalitions.

New Bulgarian Parliament presented by eight parties and coalitions

The Central Election Commission of the country continues to count the votes. After counting 65.3% of ballots, it became known that the winner was the Conservative Party Opposition "Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria" (GERB) (32.7%). This election was the second pre-term parliamentary election in less than two years. In this election, the election threshold is 4%.

According to preliminary results, the Coalition "Bulgarian Socialist Party – Left Bulgaria" (BSP) is supported by 15.31% of the voters, writes Sega newspaper. The ethnic party "Movement for Rights and Freedoms"(DPS) won 15.17% votes, Reformist Block – 8.35%, the Patriotic Front – 7.35%, "Bulgaria Without Censorship" – about 5.67%, the party "Attack" – 4. 69% and "Alternative Bulgarian Revival" – 4.24% votes.

A total 18 parties and 7 coalitions participated in parliamentary elections. Voting turnout was 48%. The Bulgarian Parliament counts 240 seats.

Summing up the preliminary results of the voting, at a press conference, the Chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Mihail Mikov accepted the election results and congratulated the winner – the party "Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria".

"We believe that the policy we offer is necessary for Bulgaria. BSP will be a constructive opposition, which will support important decisions and national priorities. We will participate in discussions on national priorities, but not on power separation", says Mikov. The politician said that the 43rd parliament would be highly fragmented. He stressed that now GERB took all the responsibility for the development of the country.

The leader of GERB Boyko Borisov said he was willing to take responsibility for running the country. "I am ready to take all the risks of leading the government, and we [the GERB party] are the most prepared for this," he said. According to Borisov, the most difficult option would be a new election, but considering the fact that the parties are not ready to make compromises, such a scenario can not be excluded.

At the same time, the other party leaders, who will work in the Parliament, are already talking about quest for agreement. "It"s time to find the strength and reach an agreement, because the country faces exceptionally difficult task" – says the leader of DPS Lyutvi Mestan. However, according to political analysts, the new coalition government will not be formed quickly because of the contradictions between the parties.