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Boris Nemtsov, “Putin will pay for the war in Ukraine with his impeachment”

President Putin will be impeached for military intervention in Ukraine. It was stated by the well-known Russian politician Boris Nemtsov.

Nemtsov: Putin should be impeached

Due to the recent events in Donbas, the Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov talks about Ukraine very often. On his Facebook page, the politician writes that the head of the Russian Federation, as the supreme commander of the armed forces of Russia, has violated the Constitution of the Russian Federation, giving the order to bring the troops to the territory of Ukraine. President Putin should be impeached for that, since such acts are criminal.

Referring to statistics and media reports, the politician states that 9 military units of the Russian Armed Forces were engaged in the fighting in Donbas. At the same time, Boris Nemtsov says that Putin had no right to bring his troops to the territory of Ukraine, as late June this year, the Federation Council forbade him to send troops abroad.

The politician says that the relatives of the prisoners, wounded and dead Russian soldiers are silent. They are forced to do it, since they are subjected to intimidation by the authorities of the Russian Federation. According to Nemtsov, they are also afraid of being without social benefits that should be paid to the bereaved families.

The Russian troops are still on the territory of Ukraine in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. But it is contrary to the Minsk armistice agreement, signed by the representative of President Putin, Zubarev, said Nemtsov.

Earlier, Nemtsov also said that Putin did not care about the dead or captured soldiers of the Russian Federation, as he is more concerned about the power. He believes that as soon as the Russian leader feels threatened, the war may start.

According to Nemtsov, Vladimir Putin"s goal is to get as much territory of Ukraine as possible, from Luhansk to Odessa.