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The fattest Briton lost 305 kg for his beloved

According to The Daily Express, before meeting 40-year-old Rebecca Mountain from Massachusetts 52-year-old Paul Mason weighed 445 kg.

Paul Mason before

The former postman almost could not move, all the time he spent in a special fold-out chair. Paul consumed 20 thousand calories a day at a daily norm of 2.5 thousand.

Rebecca learned about the British, watching documental film on one of the American TV channels. Mountain decided to help Mason to find a housekeeper. She contacted Paul on Facebook. They agreed to talk via S

Paul Mason after

kype. Unexpectedly for both their first conversation lasted four and a half hours. Soon the companionship turned into something more. And then Mason decided to fight with his weight. Now he can walk, though, on crutches.

The most amazing thing is that Paul and Rebecca have never met. The American woman is obtaining a visa and intends to fly to Mason very soon. "I can not wait for the moment when Rebecca crosses my threshold, and we spend the rest of our lives together", said Paul.