Watch extremely lucky men escape death when huge chunk of ice falls on a car

A camera captured two extremely lucky men narrowly avoiding a huge chunk of ice that fell onto their vehicle as they were exiting, reports with reference to Mashable. Just a moment before the impact, the two look up, likely because they

Airbnb And Pantone Create “Outside In” House In London To Help People Fight The Winter Blues

The ‘Outside In’ house, inspired by Pantone’s color of the year (Greenery), is designed to encourage visitors to embrace 2017 with fresh optimism, perfect timing after a bleak 2016, reports with reference to Bored Panda. The space features an impressive woodland

Watch this never-ending parade of trucks clearing snowy roads

Of course, it is Russia in winter. Sometimes there is so much snow falling down that even such a parade of plowers can’t clear the roads for long. Watch this snow ballet below: