Dog Saves Baby Deer From Drowning

It seemed to be a normal Sunday walk for Freeley and his dogs until Storm suddenly jumped into the water. He saw a helpless baby deer drifting about ten meters off the shore and did not hesitate. The video Freeley posted on Facebook

Sea lion drags girl into water off dock in Canada – video

A local resident captured dramatic video on Saturday showing a sea lion grabbing a young girl by the dress and dragging her into the water off a dock at Steveston in Richmond, British Columbia, Joinfo.com reports with reference to CBC

Tiny, adorable baby otter rescued by hero Arizonans

The 4-week-old animal was dehydrated and covered with fleas when three heroes from Salt River Project noticed the otter struggling to escape the drying canal, according to Mashable. "He was calling for his momma, we assumed," Craig Boggs, one of the utility