Today Ukraine honors memory of victims of war

The ceremony was attended by veterans of the World War II, veterans of the Anti Terrorist Operation in eastern Ukraine and top officials, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the presidential press service. The ceremony took place in the Memorial of Eternal Glory.

Ukraine’s ‘forgotten’ elderly people struggle to survive in war zone

In Ukraine’s volatile Donbas region, there are currently more than three million people in need of assistance. This ranges from no access to drinking water, low food supplies to simply a lack of shelter. One third of those people are elderly, according

Half of Russians believe that the United States and Ukraine want to conquer the Russian Federation

Opinion poll conducted by VCIOM on October 10-11 in the Russian Federation, showed that half of the citizens are happy that their army is in high alert, because the West can invade in their beautiful country any moment. The survey was conducted

Conflict in Ukraine needs American intervention – McCain

In an article for The Washington Post, U.S. Republican Senator John McCain, who recently visited Ukraine, writes that the ceasefire between Russia and the Donbas is fictitious, and the assistance of the United States to Kyiv is vital. He believes that the

Donetsk republic breaks down: locals flee due to lack of money and pressure of mercenaries

The number of Russian mercenaries fleeing the unrecognized Donetsk republic is increasing due to the lack of funding and humiliating attitude of the Russians coming to fight in the Donbas. It was reported by the ATO headquarters with reference to the data from

Friendship between EU and Russia depends on situation in Ukraine – Germany

The Foreign Minister of Germany said that the friendship between the EU and Russia would have been desirable, but it was impossible until Moscow "helps Ukraine to overcome the conflict." It is reported by Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Welt am Sonntag. "It

War in Ukraine is another exam for relations between Russia and Germany – Merkel

According to Merkel, the Russian-German relations in 2015 are under a serious test, mainly because of the war in Ukraine, every opportunity for a dialogue should be used, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to RIA Novosti. The greeting was read by Gernot Erler, Commissioner of